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LOCATION: Alpha Secondary School, Burnaby


Competitive powerlifting is comprised of three lifting events. The bench press, the deadlift and the barbell squat (optional). Here in the powerlifting program, we teach the athlete efficient biomechanics on performing the specific lifts so that the athlete could lift the maximum amount of weight in the safest way, thus resulting in rapid strength increase. These core powerlifting exercises have high transfer to everyday activities. For example, learning how to use the legs to perform the deadlift, teaches the athletes how to lift heavy objects off the floor while reducing the chance of sustaining a back injury. While learning how to squat will increase the stability at the knees, hips, back, as well as strengthen the muscles throughout the body.

Even though powerlifting is thought of as a sport on its own, the principles that underlie this sport is used widely by athletes who wish to increase their performance in other strength related sports.

The powerlifting program is currently closed to new members due to the limited amount to space and limited amount coaches we have. If you have skills as a coach in this area, please contact our volunteer coordinator. If an athlete is interested in joining the program or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our registrar.